Captcha Ajax always works.
It works when the site cache is not active.
And even if the website cache is active.

Captcha non ajax method work well against malicious bots, except where the cache for the site is active.
If there is a cache, the page is always repeated the same, including captcha.
And this is not good.

The problem can be solved by displaying the captcha with an asynchronous method.
Captcha is initialized by Javascript and is always different every time the page is called,
even if the server cache or a cache plugin is active.

salt image

Captcha-Ajax is a plugin for WordPress that does just that.
Display a captcha asynchronously.

There are several captcha possibilities, selectable from the admin page,
reachable from Dashboard -> Settings -> Captcha-Ajax Settings.

Thanks for the attention and use of captcha-ajax.

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